New Feature: Wheelchair Accessible Bookings

The inspiration for our latest feature might not perhaps come from the most expected of places; but rather a rather casual viewing of Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back segment with the hilarious Rosie Jones. In this segment Rosie attempted to find housing on the rental market that was suitable for the needs of a wheel chair user. It’s needless to say, incredibly diffucult, with most of the online rental platforms not providing these filters.

We’re not moving into the rental market but it did make us think – are we doing what we can to make it as simple as possible for people with disabilities? From today all venues within BookingNinja will have the ability to make their tables wheelchair accessible; a small feature that we hope will make the entire process more seamless.

When doing this, make sure you consider all aspects, including the obvious (stairs) but also the less obvious (spacing between tables). Once you’ve marked your accessible tables, your guests will then be presented with a question on the booking form – put simply, do they need a table with wheelchair access?

The system will then filter down the yield to the results that suit their requirements and in turn ensure an easy booking experience for the guest. We recommend that you set your wheelchair accessible tables as lower priority so they don’t get taken up by guests who don’t need them right away – but equally if you have no guests that evening that require a wheelchair accessible table then that table can still be booked out!

The system work as follow:

  • You tell us what tables in your venue have wheelchair access.
  • Disabled guests will receive a question during the booking process ”Do you need wheelchair access?”
  • If they answer yes to this question, they will be directed only to the tables that have been marked as wheel chair accessible on your BookingNinja account.
  • Disabled guests can book a table online, no phone call required and no table shuffling in at the venue.

As always, thanks for reading and most importantly – thanks for using BookingNinja