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(Some of our) Features

Our free plan contains all the same great features as our paid plans, but with a 50 bookings per a month limit, and basic support. Why not try these features for yourself - absolutely no card details required.

Feature Inc
Booking Control
Auto Table Yield
Automatically place guests on the best table for their group size
User Selectable Duration
Allow guests to select how long their booking lasts, from a preselected list
Variable Booking Duration
Change how long a bookings turn time is based on the number of guests
Same Table Seating
Allow certain sessions or events to place guests on the same table, great for events list quizes
Guest Seat Selection
Allow the guest to select their excact table, based on a list of described tables
Approve or Deny Bookings
Have bookings require approval before going live and being confirmed
Group Size Control
Set limits on the smallest and largest group sizes that can book online
Notice Period Required
Define how much notice a guest needs to give before being able to make a booking
Override Based on Date
Run special settings, overwriting any or all existing settings on certain dates
Chain Tables Together
Create chains which allow tables to be joined together for bigger group bookings
Deposits & Payments
Take payments via Stripe
Taking just minutes to setup and low payment gateway fees. Get the money direct into your bank account
0% Comission
BookingNinja takes 0% of all payments and deposits - you simply pay the payment gateway's fees.
Fixed Cost Bookings
Charge a fixed rate for each booking
Per Pax Booking Fees & Deposits
Charge a set fee per each guest on the booking
Scaling Cost Deposits
Charge based on set limits of guest counts.
Ticket Types
Charge different amounts for different type guests, for example children and adult tickets
Charge Per Minutes
Charge different rates for each x minutes in the venue. For example £5 per an hour
Payments per session
Have each of your sessions with their own unique payment requirements.
View booking trends by days, weeks or months
Get an idea of which direction your bookings are going easy
Breakdown on days of week
Understand instantly what your busy days are, and what days you might need to market more
Relative Information
Instantly see how busy you are compared to the previous week, allowing you to make snap staffing decisions.
Historic Data
Quickly pull up booking information from up to 3 years ago.
Customer Relations
Gather Feedback Automatically
Get feedback directly into your BookingNinja control panel, or direct people to your TripAdvisor / Google Reviews
Customer Profiles
Understand your repeat customers, and get alerted to ones that have previously no-shown
Collect Average Spend
Easily find out what customers are spending a healthy amount, and what might need extra pushing
Send Targetted Marketing Emails
Filter your customer base, and send marketing emails that have proven results
Block Problem Customers
Getting a customer who is becoming a problem? Block them with BookingNinja's block feature
Gather Bookings
Embeddable Booking Widget
Easily embed the booking widget on your site, supporting all major website builders
Linkable Booking Page
Post your booking page onto your social media platforms, with a unique booking URL
Installation Help
All of our plans include installation help if you need it.
Manage Bookings
Gantt View
View all of your bookings for the day instantly with the Gantt view - showing you what times you have free
List View
Or view your bookings as a list, with all the information you'll need
Works on any device
Mobile, tablet or desktop. No special software or hardware required
Walk-in Feature
Add a walk in in less than 30 seconds, telling you what space you have, and even the best table to sit them
Bookings from Any Source
Add bookings you receive in person or over the phone, quickly in the admin panel.
Mark Booking States
Mark bookings as arrived, no-show, or left to stay on top of your venue.
Vouchers & Gift Cards
Sell Vouchers and Gift Cards Online
With 0% Commission from BookingNinja
Email Delivery
Guests are sent their voucher via email - they can either send direct or to a friend
Easy Voucher Lookup
Just type the voucher ID into the admin panel and get all the details you need
Partial Redemeption
Guests can use part of their voucher, with balance tracked
Usable on Bookings
Vouchers can be used both in store, and as a way to pay for bookings


Don't just take our word for it, our customers love us!

"Incredibly simple"

Booking Ninja was incredibly simple to set up and their customer service is on another level. They have actually changed their websites immediately a few times after I've asked for something specific and I really appreciate it.

profile picture
Everyday People

"Best booking system"

Amazing, always there to help with any issues and implement features when required. Best booking system I've used!

profile picture
Ready Steady Roll

"Speed & clarity"

I was able to access their technical support whilst only being a "free user" and was so impressed with the speed and clarity of the support the we subscribed immediately to a paid plan. The platform has taken away the headache of table planning.

profile picture
Karoo Bar & Kitchen

"Above & beyond"

Absolutley fantastic software, really easy to use for both customers booking and us. The customer service is above and beyond.

profile picture

"Subscribed immediately"

I was able to access their technical support whilst only being a "free user" and was so impressed with the speed and clarity of the support the we subscribed immediately to a paid plan. The platform has taken away the headache of table planning.

profile picture
Karoo Bar & Kitchen

"Saved the day"

Booking Ninja saved the day. From the very beginning the free trail to see if the software would do what we wanted to signing up for the Gold package. I can not express how happy we are.

profile picture
Peacock Pottery Barn
Barleylands Farm Park

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Video Tutorials

A picture says a thousand words, so we thought we'd share some tutorials on how to use BookingNinja.

Setting up, in 6 minutes.

In real time watch as we set up a demo venue. Follow along to have your venue ready to take bookings in less than 10 minutes.

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6 min watch

Viewing your bookings.

Take a quick look at one of the many ways you can view your bookings for the given day, the gantt view.

6 min watch

Adding new bookings.

You aren't just limited to taking bookings on your web booking form. Have a look at how to add bookings manually.

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6 min watch

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