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Join restaurants, pubs, from Australia to London that use Booking Ninja to take bookings every day.
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Take the stress and complexity out of online bookings.

Booking Ninja makes taking online reservations quick, simple and painless for both you and your customers.

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Five minute set-up

Get an online booking widget live within five minutes! You can integrate our booking widget into our site or use our free, hosted page to get things working without zero code.

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Flexible & Powerful Software

Take deposits, schedule ticketed events, automate tables, create multiple different sessions with the same day and much more with software designed around your business.

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Accessible everywhere, by your entire team

We offer free, unlimited staff accounts as standard and our software runs on desktop, tablet and mobiles - perfect for a busy modern restaurant.

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Your customers are 300% more likely to book online than over the phone

Between 2015 and 2019 phone bookings for restaurants decreased from 58% to only 20%. Help your business reach it's full potential and maximise bookings with our powerful software.

  • Start taking bookings for your business in five minutes
  • Free up valuable staff time for other tasks
  • Learn more about your customers and increase efficiency
  • Don't lose customers to chat messages and missed phone calls when you're not around
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Booking Ninja automates online bookings and takes the stress out of managing your business.

Every business is different, so we've designed Booking Ninja to be powerful and customisable while still being user friendly and easy to understand.

  • Manage all your bookings in a single place, on any device
  • Create unlimited accounts for you and your team
  • Take deposits based on number of people booking or on overall sessions
  • Add a booking form directly into your site or use our free, hosted option
  • Add phone call and walk-in bookings to our system manually within seconds
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We're more than just an online booking system; we help you run your business smarter.

Taking bookings online doesn't just mean less phone calls and more custom - there's loads of other benefits that only online bookings from Booking Ninja can provide.

  • In-depth reporting on your busiest times, sections and customers
  • Find and block repeat no-show customers
  • Ask customers custom questions before they arrive
  • Send mobile phone reminders to reduce the chance of a missed booking
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Want to start taking stress-free online bookings? Sign-up today for a completely free account - no credit card details needed and no limited trial period.

“Booking Ninja has made managing bookings in our large cafe so much easier for both our customers and our team. It's absolutely invaluable for our business."
Testimonial Avatar Rebekah Jordan, Owner, Playopolis Board Game Cafe