The Importance of Taking Online Bookings

Online bookings are one of the most important features for any restaurant. Not only does it make life easier for customers, but it also helps your business generate more revenue.

In this blog post, I will discuss online booking is essential to have on your website and how it can help improve customer happiness and increase revenue. There are many things that every restaurant should have on their website. However, online bookings is one of, if not the most important feature that can improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

  1. It gives customers more options to make a booking. Customers like having options, especially when it comes to making a reservation. If you don’t offer online bookings, somewhere else will. It’s much harder to make a phone call in the middle of the work day to make a booking than it is to quickly pop online.
  2. It reduces the amount of no-shows – No-shows are not only frustrating for customers trying to make a booking but they also cost you money because restaurants often have staff on standby ready to help them with their table reservations and if nobody shows up they can’t be used in other areas. Giving people the ability to easily book, and equally, easily cancel helps reduce no-show rates dramatically.
  3. It gives customers the ability to plan. Rather than the customer phoning up and asking do you have a slot for a certain time, instead they can find a time that both is aviable and also works for them. No longer back-and-forths trying to find the perfect time to visit.
  4. It shows your restaurant is reputable – If you have online booking on your website, it means that you are a reputable business who isn’t afraid of being busy! Customers love knowing they can get their table whenever they want which makes them more likely to visit.
  5. It reduces customer wait times – Customers may be picky, and while waiting for you to respond to an email or call, they’re equally as likely to locate a place that allows them to book right away. People can’t be expected to wait in limbo indefinitely.
  6. You can take bookings without having to speak on the phone – When you receive bookings on BookingNinja, it means that your staff won’t be tied up for hours talking on the phone and they will get more time to focus their attention on other parts of the restaurant.
  7. You can track booking history- Being able to see how many times a customer has made a booking and at what time of day makes it easier to track trends and react to those trends.
  8. You can promote other offers through your online bookings – Promoting early bird menus, happy hours or special events is much more effective when you are collecting email addresses in an automated way during the booking process.
  9. It gives you data on customer ratings – You can use the booking information that is sent to your business in order to understand how people interact with you venue and what they are looking for. You’ll be able to find out what allergies you need to react to, and which customers are highly valued.