Beautiful Booking Forms

You are important – after all, without customers such as yourselves we’d be rather… lacking in business… but… you aren’t the most important person we deal with. Sorry. Unlike the majority of booking platforms, we’ve built our system with your customer in mind – ensuring they get a seamless booking experience that reduces booking abandonment and increases your attendance and guest satisfaction. 

We constantly do user experience testing and gather feedback from people who use BookingNinja to ensure we offer a world-leading booking process. Our entire booking form works great on all types of devices, mobile, tablet and computer – and we’ve spent a long time ensuring it loads quickly. 

It’s also rather attractive if we don’t say so ourselves – that design quality reflects well on your business as the majority of your customers don’t think of “BookingNinja” when using the BookingNinja booking form but rather your business. 

By leading to produce the best possible booking form for your guests we’re working backwards to get the result of the most bookings for your venue. It’s the definition of a win-win suitation. Here are some of the feedback from real guests that we’ve received in the past week alone 

“Very easy to book!” “Extremely quick and easy”, “Great!! Xxx”, “Easy to use, thanks :)”, “thank you for making it so easy”, “Very easy to book”, “Was great, thanks!”, “fab – best booking form we’ve used” 

Every single one of those customers is going into our customer’s venues happier, and more satisfied!