Booking System for Board Game Cafes

We love board game cafes, and we’d argue we understand the business model more than any other booking platform! In fact, BookingNinja originally was created as an internal booking system for our own board game cafe Playopolis. Subsequently, we left Playopolis in my sister’s hands to focus on growing out BookingNinja! So what features of BookingNinja make it particularly suited to board game cafes? 

Deposits & Upfront Fees

The majority of board games charge a cover charge – this helps ensure you can continue to rotate in new games. Traditionally this cover charge is added to the bill for the user but have you considered doing the payment upfront during the booking process? With BookingNinja you can take the cover charge upfront and this means when the user gets their bill for food & drink they don’t get as much of a shock. Humans are finicky people and including the cover charge with food & drink on one bill will make people feel less like your great value for money. 

Of course, the added benefit of doing your booking cover charges upfront is you can set cancellation policies that state if someone doesn’t turn up you don’t lose everything. BookingNinja deposits & fees section allows you to charge per person or a fixed deposit amount so no matter how you manage cover charges we’ve got you covered

Additional Details

Board game cafes aren’t always set up in a standard way – our cafe for example had an idea for families and another area for the more hardcore gamer. With BookingNinja you can ask for any information you want to ask during the booking – we asked if you had any children but there are so many different questions you can ask to make your life easier, for example, do they want to reserve a game from the library? 

Time Choices

Board game cafes operate bookings different to a normal venue – most places don’t get the luxury of setting a defined length of a session but of course, it’s standard practice to offer X amount of hours. With BookingNinja you can present people with either a fixed duration slot (say 12:00 to 14:00) or even allow them to pick how long they want to stay. This means you’ll be able to fit in even more guests than before – and earn more money.

We understand them

Perhaps the single biggest benefit BookingNinja offers for board game cafe owners is that we understand the business. When you talk to us on Support we’re not going to start from zero – we have knowledge of the process and workflow so if you have an industry-specific question then we’ll be able to help. 

So if you are looking for a booking system for board game cafes then join BookingNinja – you can take up to 150 bookings per a month completely free (then it’s just £22 a month). We’ve already got a growing number of the best board game cafes using us.