Alternative to Access Collins Booking Platform

Posted 06th of September 2022 by Daniel

We'll set you a challenge. Right now go to our homepage and find our pricing for your venue, and then go to Access Collins and find how much you'd pay. It's okay, this is a static webpage so we can wait as long as you need, though you might want to put your device in power saving mode as you'll be browsing Collins for a while. BookingNinja is a powerful alternative to Collins booking platform - and one that comes without the fuss.

Don't misunderstand us - we think Collins could be a great choice for some giants of the industry and we know they have a great team overthere... but equally do you want to be a small insignificant fish in their otherwise giant corporate account roster, or do you want to be one of a growing list of independently held UK businesses that trust BookingNinja to both deliver amazing conversions and industry leading support?

We think that getting a booking platform should'nt be a conveluted process involving multiple calls, and hidden pricing. From the very first customer of BookingNinja we've always been open and transparant about our pricing because we're confident we offer industry leading value for money. £29.95 a month, no fixed contract length, no setup fees. Zilch.

With BookingNinja, you can manage reservations, tables bookings and handle deposits and payments easily, all without any dedicated hardware requirements or pushy sales techiques.

We've taken millions of bookings and several million pound has be taken with BookingNinja so while we might not be the behemoth that is of Access Collins you can trust us to provide your customers a fantastic booking experience.

And in case you're wondering we can do

  • Take deposits, and payments online via Stripe - with no commission added by us.
  • Manage your space and automatically yield customers to the best table.
  • Setup seperate sessions and have different rules for those.

Think we're saving money by not offering great support? Think again. Unlike Access Colins, we have LiveChat for all our customers, accessible whenever you need us.

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