Fair and Simple Pricing

We offer a powerful free account without trials, and a competitive and powerful premium service that won't break the bank. All accounts come with free support and unlimited team accounts.


No cards or trials, just completely free.

Our free plan lets you get your business set up and taking online bookings in just five minutes.

  • 50 Bookings Per month
  • UNLIMITED Staff Accounts
  • Maximum 1 venue
  • Booking Widget for your site
  • Free booking hosting
  • Online deposits (Charged at 2.5%)
  • Floor plans & Table Management
  • Basic Support
  • Event Bookings
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Live Support
Most Popular


$ 59.95
Billed per month, no contract

Our perfect plan for most businesses, offering unlimited bookings, free deposits and a huge variety of features.

  • UNLIMITED Bookings Per month
  • UNLIMITED Staff Accounts
  • Transfer of all existing bookings
  • Custom booking fields
  • Maximum 1 venue
  • Booking Widget for your site
  • Free booking hosting
  • 0% Deposit Fee (exc Stripe fees)
  • Floor plans & Table Management
  • Events
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Live Support
  • SMS (Phone reminders) for $0.04 each


$ 94.95
Billed per month, no contract

Designed for large-scale operations, chains and people who want a completely bespoke and custom service.

  • ALL premium features as listed, PLUS...
  • 5 venues and businesses
  • BESPOKE features and custom updates
  • GUIDED live setup and free integration with your site
  • ADVANCED support

Frequently asked questions

Why is your pricing so low?

We are a family run business that doesn't employ a vast network of sales agents. It's likely you found us via word of mouth or a search engine and in turn we pass those cost savings onto you.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope. When you join, on a monthly subscription, you can cancel that subscription anytime you want. Of course, we'd prefer you didn't, but equally we believe in our product, so we don't need to tie you down with fixed term contracts.

How does the pricing compare to X?

It's hard for us to compare our pricing with the competition, because the competition hides behind secrecy. The same business can get vastly different quotes. They design their pricing to be opaque, so that you're far down their sales funnel before they hit you with their cost.

Do I have to buy addons?

No. When we give the pricing above it's just that. You get the features included in the plan. No addons, no 'oh you want X? That's another £15'. We think pricing should be simple. The only extra cost you might have is if you want to send SMS messages - but we charge at our cost rate for those.

What are Stripe fees?

We use a payment gateway called Stripe - with Stripe you can get the money right into your own account & bank account quickly and effortlessly. Like all payment gateways they charge a fee which is around 1.4% + 20p. We don't get this - and it's outside of our control.