Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some common questions we get - got another question? Just message us!

Are there hidden costs?

None. Unlike other providers we don't advertise one price and then charge up each basic required feature. When we say you pay a monthly fee, it's how much you'd pay. You'll never pay per-booking, and you'll get all the features included in your plan.

The only additional cost you may have is SMS credits, if you decide to use them - but we charge you the exact amount we pay.

How long does setup take?

Our system is designed so that you don't need to wait long lead times to get started. You could be taking bookings within 5 minutes, just sign up now and get started.

If you do need a little extra help on setup then we still aim to get you running the same day (if not the same hour!)

Where are you based?

We're a UK company, based in Kent. That said we do support a wide range of different currency options, and we staff support throughout the British evening.

How easy is it to switch from another platform?

Most platforms we can directly import your bookings from; so very easy! It most cases it's simply a matter of letting us know your bookings, and then swapping out the link from the old platform to your new shiny BookingNinja link!

How come I’ve never heard of you?

Well, you have as you are currently reading our FAQ. That said we don’t spend our revenue on larger marketing teams but rather customer service & product development. It’s a much more natural, slow growth but we think it’s paramount to who we are; it’s also how we manage to provide a much more affordable service.

Am I locked in?

No. We don’t need long term contracts to keep our customers with us - we’ve found it’s more effective to actually provide a good service than to rest on commercial contracts. At any time you are welcome to find a different provider; and we’ll even export your data for you, of course we hope it doesn’t come to that!

Do you have an app?

No, but yes. We don’t have native apps you download from the App Store or Play store but our website is designed to work great on mobile devices and iPads. A large number of other booking providers apps are just web browsers with the URL bar hidden, we’re just honest about that!

What if you go down?

It happens very very rarely. In the 3 years that we’ve been operational we’ve had a total of 11 minutes of downtime. We do regular backups and we have a separate server running at all times that is ready to be switched too if unexpected downtime occurs.

Can I get a trial?

We don't offer a trial, but rather have a free plan that includes nearly all the features from the paid plan. This free plan has limited bookings per a month, but beyond that it allows you to fully test the system. You can create an account right now without any card details required!