Welcome to Booking Ninja!

Hello and welcome to Booking Ninja!

My name is Rob, I’m handling the communication side of Booking Ninja, including writing this blog.

We’re a brand new booking management system designed to make it easy for restaurants to take online bookings from customers.

What makes us different? Well, like many of the actual restaurants we want to serve, we’re actually a family business. My brother Daniel handles the software development, and my Sister and Brother-in-Law Bex and Ben handle our customer support.

More importantly, we’re not just programmers working for a giant corporation, trying to work out what restaurants want with focus groups and marketing.

We own our own board game cafe here in England that takes hundreds of bookings a month, so we know what restaurants actually need from booking software.

In fact, when we first built our software, we hadn’t even intended to make it into a product that we would offer to anybody else – we were just trying to solve the problems we had in our own cafe.

We had done plenty of research into other tools, and while there are lots of choices, we found many of them were overly complicated, difficult to sign-up to, or simply too expensive for the size of our business.

Our original booking form for our cafe Playopolis

So we ended up making our own, and that became the Booking Ninja that you see today!

Over the last few months we’ve been building it into a set of tools that anybody can use to create bookings that works for their business.

At launch, we’ve already got a wide list of features that we think will help you gain customers and increase revenue, and you can learn about these features on this blog.

We won’t be stopping there though. Over the coming months we’ll be adding many more features, options and tools to both our premium account and our free offering.

As we add new features, I’ll be explaining them right here, including why they might be useful and how to get the most out of them. We’ll also be using this blog to highlight any useful information and news around the technological side of running a restaurant.

I hope to see you on the site soon, and if you have any questions you can get in touch with us directly through the Live Chat on the main page.