Sell Vouchers / Gift Cards Online Easily

Gift cards are an intregal part of many hosptality businesses – we know from experience that they can both boost general sales and also offer rewards in the form of unused gift cards value – it’s with this in mind that today we’re happy to annouce the launch of our Gift Cards Feature! 🎁

With BookingNinja Gift Cards you can create and sell digital gift cards within minutes – and then keep track of their balances and redeem them as and when the customer decides to do so. You can create an unlimited number of gift cards and have their value vary – you can also create Gift Cards for a fixed experience.

Easily see all your gift cards, and your outstanding liability

On your gift card store front, users can buy one or multiple gift cards and then either email the codes to themselves or to someone else. The money goes straight into your Stripe account.

We’ve even made the costs simple; If you are on our free plan we’ll take 3% of gift card revenue (and no, unlike our competitors creating a gift card code without the sale going through us, doesn’t cost you a penny), our silver plan just 1% and our gold plan get’s it completely free. No other fixed monthly costs, no ‘extra’ subscription fee. 

Even if you don’t plan to sell Gift Cards you can make use of the this new feature. We know a lot of businesses give credit for various reasons, and with the Gift Card feature you can easily add and remove balance from a code. 

As always,
Hope you’re doing well.
Daniel & Sarah