Payment Improvements

With BookingNinja you can take payments in the form of both deposits and full-on ticket sales. No matter your event, you can be ensuring the swift delivery of your funds into your bank account with 0% fees.

We’re happy to announce from today we’ve entirely revamped the payment gateway experience for your customers to offer improved success rates and provide a more seamless and cleaner user interface for them. The new payment changes also enable us to fully support the EU’s secure customer authentication, which is rolling out across the economic zone as we speak.

The old payment gateway didn’t offer enough feedback on failed payments and didn’t scale perfectly for different screen resolutions.

This new payment gateway is fully responsive, meaning it works great on anything from a small mobile screen all the way through to an ultrawide desktop monitor. It also is adaptive with what details it needs to ensure the best likelihood of payment success dependent on country and other security requests.

Cleaner, faster, and fully responsive. The new payment gateway will increase payment success rates.

This new payment gateway is rolling out now, and all your future payments will be taken using it. We’ve been testing it on our restaurant, and we’ve seen a marked increase in successful payments, so we’re excited to be offering yet another significant BookingNinja improvement.