NEW: Variable Ticket Pricing

Pricing can often be a complicated matter, especially in more niche business venues. We are always on the lookout for ways we can make the booking process both more straightforward and robust. That’s why today we’re happy to announce the launch of variable booking charges.

We introduced this feature after looking at and hearing from Escape Rooms which use our service. The nature of these rooms being able only to accept one group at a time means they may want to charge £20 if it’s a group of 4 but only £30 if it’s a group of 6 and so forth.

With variable booking charges, you can do precisely that. You set the price and then set guest count triggers, which reduces the per ticket price for each guest. You can make unlimited variations so you might want to lower the cost for each additional guest, or alternatively, you might want to offer a group saving discount for 8 or more guests.

You can use the variable booking charges on either all your bookings or even particular sessions such as a quiz, or a special sit deal menu.