NEW: Slot Booking Limitations

No matter the size of your restaurant, there is an inherent risk in too many customers arriving at the same time. Your kitchen and waiting staff can quickly become overwhelmed with the number of orders and your customers get slower service than they’d expect.

Luckily setting up an online booking system enables you to control the rate of customers coming in to your venue a lot easier. We’ve today given you even more power with the launch of time slot limits. You can now smooth out your footfall; increasing customer satisfaction & sales.

The maximum bookings per interval slot will allow you to set the maximum reservations on any given time slot. This isn’t for limiting the total number of guests in your restaurant; we have other features for that, but rather the spread of when those guests book.

It’s simple to set up, and can increase your customers satisfaction

Take for example if your booking form shows time slots selectable every 15 minutes. All your guests might select 7pm and overload your restaurant, but now you can set 30 per any given interval so that those 30 arrive, and then the next 30 guests would have to book at 7.15pm.

We’ll be rolling out more control of the limitations over the coming weeks; so stay tuned! And as always if you need any help, we’re here!