NEW: Printable Booking List

In an ideal world, we believe there’s no easier way to handle bookings than doing it online, right in your venue. However, we know that’s not always possible for every business.

That is why today we’re introducing our latest feature for Booking Ninja: Printable booking sheets for each day.

We know that some of our customers take bookings from our system, then write them down, or take a screenshot of the app and then print that out for their team.

But writing down is too slow, and taking a screenshot isn’t ideal, especially if you have a lot of bookings.

Now, on each day in the booking list view, you are presented with a simple print icon. Somewhat unsurprisingly, this icon prints out the day’s bookings in print friendly table.

We’ve designed this system to make your life easier, but we still recommend that to get the most out of Booking Ninja and your business, you work digitally using a laptop or tablet.

The printable booking form

A print-out unfortunately can’t accommodate for same-day bookings, or other changes that a busy restaurant faces during every single day, and switching to a completely digital system with Booking Ninja is not only easy, it could increase your revenue exponentially.