New Feature: Booking Deposits

You can now take deposits online, this can be a powerful deterrent against no shows, and give you some security that people will show up during a busy service.

Plus, it’s far easier for customers to enter card details quickly and conveniently online rather than having to then call you up and give all those numbers over the phone.

Our restaurant deposit system works by taking an amount from the customer at the point of booking. You can then take that amount off the customers bill in the restaurant.

Every restaurant is different though, so let’s look at some of the options you can use to set up deposits.

Setup various rules to as when to accept deposits

You can select to take a deposit per pax(per person) or you can set a flat deposit amount. You can also set the time period for when a deposit is refundable. Most venues allow deposits to be refunded up to 24 hours before the booking.

And, by setting a minimum group size, you can enable deposits only for larger bookings – very useful for when you want smaller groups to book deposit free but don’t want to take the risk on a table of ten not turning up!

When deposits are enabled, customers who book will be asked to make a payment. We use stripe to take these payments, which means customers only need to enter a few details to pay.

No need for long forms taking a customers full address and phone number when all you need is some basic card details.

Once paid, customers can also cancel their booking and receive a refund if they are within the refund period.

All without any input from your side. So, how do you track deposits on your end?

All bookings with a deposit will show up clearly marked with a money symbol and the amount of deposit registered on the system.

You can also manage and view payments directly via your stripe account. Here’s the payment we took for our booking on Stripe:

And finally, if you want to refund a deposit manually for any reason, you can do so by clicking on any booking with a deposit and clicking refund. Easy!