New Feature: Advanced Sessions

We’ve been spending the past few weeks expanding beyond restaurants to other business types, many of which are undeserved by other booking software. Continuing this trend, we’re happy to announce some great new improvements to session & event controls.

You can now set an unlimited number of different sessions for each day of the week. Alongside the launch of unlimited sessions, each session now can establish its own turn time and maximum simultaneous bookings. 

How does this refined control of sessions benefit your business? Let’s use an example – a hairdressing salon with 3 hairdressers, all of whom can receive bookings.

Now, each team member can have their own booking section while your organisation keeps a single booking page. You can set each hairdresser to only accept one booking per slot and hey presto – you’ve got a robust booking system within minutes, that’s easy to update and change as your business grows.

We expanded our options to cater to escape rooms and other event-based organisations that may run several functions at any given time, with each function only accepting one or a few bookings.

Let users pick from your ‘Escape Rooms’

If you run an escape room, you can now set different games, and set each game to have only one reservation in each time slot. Of course, not all games run the same time frame, so you can also have separate turn times for these rooms!

We’ll be continuing to roll out great new features over the coming weeks & months so do stay tuned! And if you have any feature suggestions or requests, then we’ll be happy to hear them!