NEW: Add Messenger To Your Booking Form

Customer support is paramount to a good brand image and continued success – and that could not be truer when it comes to your booking page. At the point your customer has loaded your booking form it’s highly likely they are engaged and about to make a purchase… There is always a chance for some small question that grows, and in turn, you losing a potential customer.

Thankfully the solution to this problem is easy, and you likely already use the tools in your day to day life. Facebook Messenger is a fantastic platform for your customers to reach you, they don’t have to sign up to any long-winded customer support platforms and you can have all your communication in one place.

To add your Messenger to the booking form, you’ll need to go to your “Settings” within Facebook and then the “Messenger Platform” button. Then scroll down to “Customer chat plugin” and click setup. You can here design the colours you want on your chat box. The only important detail is you add the domain as a whitelisted domain.

Once you have done that Facebook will give you a code on the right-hand side. You need to copy everything after