Floor Plans & Manual Table Management

Hey everyone. My name is Rob and I’m here to take you through one of our most important features, floor plans and manual table management. If you’re looking for information on our automatic table management, sometimes called yield management, you can learn about that in another post!

So, what’s next after creating a booking form? Well, whenever a customer books, you can see the booking appear live on our bookings page.

Here’s the booking form for my totally real restaurant, Rob’s Diner. We’re not a big place, but we have some lunch bookings coming in:

So from here we can see the times, customers and details for each of our bookings, but we haven’t decided where anyone will sit. Of course, you can just use this page as a guide and do it all yourself, but the staff at Rob’s Diner aren’t all that on-the-ball, so let’s use Booking Ninja’s Floorplan system to plan out the day.

You can set-up your own floor plan very quickly using our drag and drop interface. In fact, here’s a video of me creating a basic layout to prove it can be done in just a few minutes:

See, easy! Items like walls can be added just to give you and your staff a better idea of the layout of the entire restaurant, but they are completely optional.

All tables can be given a name or number, and you can specify the amount of seats on that table as well as that tables priority. While the priority number is mainly used for our automatic booking system, it can also be used as a guide for staff when picking which tables to use first.

So we’ve got a plan of our restaurant, and all those bookings soon to arrive. Now, we can use the tableview to assign these bookings to a table simply by dragging the bookings onto each table:

As you move bookings across, the ones with a table assigned will turn green both in this menu, and in our main booking page, indicating they’ve been assigned a table.

Keep in mind this is a manual system, so you’re free to overwrite the rules. For example, you can add a booking of 5 to a table of 4 if you want to just squeeze somebody in.

If you do make a mistake though, you can move any bookings to a different table as well as edit details directly from this page.

And that’s it! Our free table management system makes it easy for staff and owners to assign tables at the start of a day and then easily and quickly share plans with the entire team. Everything is updated and changed in real time.