Feature Updates: Expanded Opening Times and Email Export

Hello everyone, Rob here! You know that classic saying,“New Year, New Features For Your Favourite Booking Website”?

Ok, us neither, but we wouldn’t want to let you down, so we do indeed have a couple of new features to chat about today, along with some other smaller things we’ve been updating in the last few weeks that didn’t get a blog post of their own!

Naming services may be helpful for customers and staff, but it is optional!

Opening Times

You can now set a much broader range of opening times for your venue rather than simple opening and closing hours.

That means you can set times for different services. For example, you can have separate opening times for lunch and dinner services. You can have as many of these different‘services’ as you need in a day, and you can give them all custom names, which your diners will see when they book.

Need a break? We’ve also added a tick-box to make it easier to mark your venue as closed all day.

Export Customers

By clicking on‘Export CSV’ you can now export your entire customer database to CSV, a file format which can be opened in Excel, and Google Sheets.

Why is this helpful? Well, if you had a sudden & terrible lapse in judgement and decided you wanted to leave us, you can take all that important customer data with you, for one.

The Export to CSV button is at the top of the Customers page.

But, even better, you can also use this file to quickly find all the emails you’ve gathered from bookings. You can use them to send your customers marketing emails much more quickly, and build up an awesome mailing list in seconds.

And, because we ask all diners if they accept marketing when they book, you can quickly use your export database to find out which ones are happy to receive offers and which ones would rather be left alone. Easy!

Smaller Changes

Here’s a quick list of a few other changes we made over Christmas and the New Year, in-between the usual family arguments joy and laughter and copious amounts of whisky mince pies.

  • In the table view, we now display the size of the next booking for each table as a number with a chair symbol next to it, making it easier to view the size of the next group.
  • You can now disable any area you create without deleting it. This might be handy if you have, for example, an outside garden that you only use during the summer months.
  • You can now set a custom message when someone tries to book a larger group that you can accommodate.
  • When manually entering a booking (say, over the phone) you can now mark where the booking came from so you can keep an eye on the different ways your diners get in touch.

That’s it for now, but we’ve only been back in the office for a week, so there’s plenty of good things to come! If you have any questions or want to suggest any future features, you can drop us a line through the live chat available on the main site.

Thanks for reading!