A successful restaurant is all about having a successful team.

Unlike some other restaurant booking services, we don’t charge you more to add your team to our service. In fact, you can create unlimited accounts for all your staff, even on our free plan.

The best way to use Booking Ninja is to create an account for everyone who needs access. Luckily, that’s super easy, using the staff section of our site. It looks like this:

Dan and I clearly have a lot of work to do…

You can invite people via their email addresses and you’ll know when they’ve signed up. You can also specify a password for each account, or let your team create their own passwords.

Once you add a team member, they’ll get an email with a link which will automatically assign them to your restaurant without any set-up on their side.

There are two options for each account. A team member or ‘user’ account is able to access the booking view, assign tables and make changes to bookings, while an ‘admin’ account gives you full access to change the settings of the restaurant.

Instead of creating accounts for every single staff member, you could simply create your own accounts for an entire team by setting up your own email and sending an invite directly there.

The software doesn’t mind if you’re logged on in multiple places, but this does mean that you won’t have the same level of visibility in regards to who is logging in to the system and what they are doing.

And, if you ever need to remove a staff member, or promote one – you can always make those changes directly from this page as well. Simple!