Feature Spotlight: Guided Setup

If you’ve taken a look at our features and are interested, but a little overwhelmed – our gold package, which offers a full guided set-up and named account manager, might just be what you’re looking for.

With this option, we’ll help you right from the moment you contact us to get your booking forms fully set-up for your business.

That includes running through the initial set-up for you, setting up your booking form and adding it to your site.

All we’ll need is a few details from you which we can run through on live chat online or over the phone, and we can handle the rest.

We can also talk you through all of our various features and options, work out which ones are right for you and which ones you don’t need, and get them all set-up for you as well.

This is perfect for any restaurant looking to take the first steps into online booking, as we can even help you transfer your bookings so you don’t have to worry about a single day of service.

Don’t worry if you currently use one of these to take bookings..

Even if all your bookings are simply written down, we can enter them into your  system on our gold package. All we’ll need is an email or scan with your paper bookings and we’ll make sure they go in the same day.

And after everything is setup, you’ll be able to contact a named account manager by phone to help you with any problems as they arise, which can give you confidence in knowing the service will also be working for you.

Our guided set-up also includes all the powerful features, live chat support and unlimited bookings featured in our silver package.