Feature Spotlight: Free Booking Hosting

While using our widget is the best way of quickly providing customers access to your booking form, our free hosting is also a great way of getting your diners booked in.

However, unlike many services which offer ‘free’ hosting, we’re a little bit different: Ours is actually free.

Advert and branding free

Our booking pages are simple, fast pages that are designed around making booking a quick and easy experience for your customers.

We’re confident in our service, so we don’t need to throw our branding all over your page, and we don’t add anybody elses advertising on them either, so your diners won’t see links to other restaurants in your area. 

In fact, because all of our messages to customers are completely customisable by you and you can even upload your own logo, you can make it as personal as you like.

We aren’t making you pay for your own customers

Ok, this one is a bit more complicated, but bear with us!

When you use a major booking service like Open Table, along with a high monthly charge, they also charge you an amount if a diner books via theirwebsite.

On the surface of things, they might sound fair. But if you think a bit more about how people search for restaurants and book them online, you’re actually having your customers taken away from you and then paying for them to come back. Not cool.

People don’t often search for a restaurant through the Open Table site – why would you, when plenty of restaurants in your area won’t be using them? Instead, people are far more likely to use a search engine, like Google.

So, let’s say your potential customer has heard good things about you, and googled your restaurant’s name. Or, let’s say that someone is just doing a general search for good restaurants in your area. Google searches the entire internet, but it ranks websites based on their popularity.

Open Table is much larger and more popular than any individual restaurant site, plus they pay for advertising to appear right at the top of Google’s results.

And did you know that when performing food related Google searches, 63% of people are going to click the first two results?

So even if a customer is Googling your name directly, even if they would have found you online no matter what, it’s the Open Table link they’ll click on, costing you money for a booking you would have made anyway.

Booking Ninja isn’t trying to be a massive directory of websites, nor are we trying to tempt people away from your restaurants. Because we charge a flat monthly rate, we don’t make any money from people coming to our page.

But we go further than that: You can completely remove our booking forms from Google in your settings, so if you don’t want our google ranking competing with your business at all, you can simply turn it off – all your diners will still be able to use the link, and your widget, they just won’t see it if they search.

Sounds more fair, right?