Feature Spotlight: Feedback Requests

When a customer leaves your restaurant and you ask “How was everything for you today?”,  you often get the response ‘great, thanks’. Have you ever wanted to directly ask for more honest, complete feedback? With Booking Ninja’s new automated feedback feature you can do just that!

Booking Ninja can send an automated email to your customers requesting feedback after they have left your restaurant. All you have to do to send this is make sure you have enabled ‘Feedback Email’ in your account, and then once you mark a customer as ‘Left’ on their reservation it will send a fully customisable email asking for feedback.

Learn what customers really think

Customise your message for your own business, the email sends with a rating system of 1-5 which is clickable for your customer, and then takes them through to a web page where they can add more feedback.

You can ask specific questions, for example do you want to know if a member of staff stood out for exceptional service, or if your bathroom facilities where up to scratch. There is even a link to book again at your business included on the feedback page. 

These options are for customising your email, it will come loaded with your brands Icon so will be instantly recognizable as you

Why is customer feedback so important?

Studies have shown that the majority of customers who experience a problem at a restaurant or business, do not complain, they don’t like to make a fuss, and thus you end up not knowing how to improve. Giving them the opportunity to leave feedback online allows your customers to feel like they can really say how their experience was.

All feedback will let you know the customers rating, any comments and when their booking was. This is invaluable as if they comment on something specific, like the paper towels, in the above feedback you are able to find out why something happened and make sure you can improve on it next time. You’ll also be able to let them know that any feedback will be/has been acted on, so they’ll know that any problems they had won’t keep them from returning.

Emailing customers for feedback after their visit also shows you are keen to hear their opinion and value their observations, including the negative ones and make changes in order to retain their loyalty.

Team members mentioned in your feedback can also be easily identified and praised accordingly, or if something was wrong you will be able to see who was in at the time to get more information directly.

Another advantage of collecting feedback this way rather than feedback cards, or relying on your staff to ask for it, is that you can ask everyone who books so you will end up with not just the customers your team can tell had a great time.

All feedback is linked to the original booking, so if you need to contact the customer relating to their feedback you have their email and/or phone number (depending on your preferences). Meaning you have the option to ask them more about their opinions.

This feature is available on all of our plans, including our Free plan, so why not go and try it out for yourself?

Thanks for reading!