Feature Spotlight: Booking Forms

Today I wanted to talk about a very important element of the site: our booking form, the core features and options you can use, and how you get it in front of your hungry diners.

Our core features are available to everybody, so everything we show here works on our free bronze account, which you can use for as long as you like without giving us card details or signing up to a trial.

The First Steps

We aren’t kidding when we say you can have a working booking form in just five minutes.

We don’t need your life story: When you first sign up, we’ll take down your restaurant name, location, opening times and just a few more details like your booking intervals and your maximum table size.

With just that information, our booking form is created. It looks like this:

Go ahead and click away – Andy won’t mind, it’s not a real restaurant.

Our Core Features

With set-up out the way, you can take advantage of some of our more advanced features which can help you make it more unique to your own restaurant.

Blocked Booking Times: Have an event booked or need to close early one afternoon? You can use our blocked booking tool to overwrite your normal opening hours so your diners will know exactly when you won’t be around.

Allergy Choices: Turning on our allergy choices option makes it super easy for you and your diners to understand any allergies before they visit. We cover all major allergies listed by the EU Food Allergen list.

I’ll pass on the satay crabs, thanks

Configurable Messages: The personal touch is really important for a restaurant, so you can write your own custom messages both for welcoming your diners, and apologising if they try to book too large a table through the form.

Enquiry Form: Have max bookings set at 10 people but someone tries to book for 12? You can turn on our optional enquiry form, which will allow customers to directly contact you via email to arrange those larger bookings.

No Show Messages: Having a problem with people booking but not turning up? You can create a custom message that can be sent through email or SMS if a customer is a no-show.

How Customers Get To Your Form

So your form has been formed and your settings set? The final step is getting it in front of your customers. There’s a couple of ways to do this.

Firstly, you can simply link to the URL we create for you. We host the form on our Booking Page, but don’t worry – you’ll never see any advertisements, links to other restaurants or any messages from us. You control exactly what your diners will see.

The second option is to use our widget. 

What’s a widget? It’s basically a few lines of code that we generate for you, which you can copy into your website or Facebook page. It then allows diners to book directly from your site.

You can always view your widget code and URL on the settings page

And because our widget has no branding or advertising either, when you add it to your page it will look just like a part of the page itself, so your customers will never know the difference.

If you need additional help with adding our widget, I would recommend our Gold package, where we can work with you to make sure it’s added seamlessly and quickly to any website or Facebook page.