Custom Booking Fields

How are you? OK – I’ll give you that isn’t the likely question you’ll be asking on your booking form, but with BookingNinja custom booking fields you can collect the information that is critical to your business.

You’ll be able to collect as many custom fields as you’d like (though we’d suggest not overloading the customer with too many questions!) and they can be provided in either a short text field, a larger text area or even a check box.

Some of our customers use this feature to determine if customers might need extra assistance – and others to determine if guests have children so they can adjust their seating to take into account the different requirements and expectations guests may have.

The custom field data shows up right on your booking listings so you can see the information your team need immediately and easily. Custom booking fields on your free booking system are an incredibly powerful option to adapt the booking form to your exact business needs and it’s with custom booking fields we’ve managed to be the system of choice for the likes of board game cafes, themed cafes and of course – cat cafes.