Contact Tracing Ready Booking Form

Rules are constantly changing – but here at BookingNinja we’re keeping ahead of the curve with industry-leading updates to make the booking process as simple as possible for both you and your customer. Late March 2021 the government announced a change in the legislation requiring businesses to collect track and trace information on all customers, no longer just the lead guest.

We have therefore rolled out a feature that allows you to comply with that legislation in a law that minimises the effort required from your team. When your guests book via your BookingNinja form they can be required to provide guest information (a name, and either a phone number or email address) for each guest that is due to visit.

Easy for you to understand, and perfect the for the NHS to get the data they require to keep everyone safe.

You’ll then be able to export this information in an easy to view, easy to access format if you get contacted by UK NHS contact tracers. Our system is constantly adapting to the latest requirements so you can rest easy knowing that as the requirements changes you have a team behind your booking software that is ready to react. From the announcement of the new requirements to the point we had a fully working system for dealing with the latest changes was less than 2 days.

We have an industry leading booking form, designed to maximise bookings and your customers happiness!