Booking Notifications via Phone & Email

The hospitality industry is an incredibly dynamic and busy environment (hopefully at least!) so we understand it can be a concern that you might miss bookings that come in – luckily BookingNinja has advanced booking notification options to ensure that no matter where you are you can stay informed about your restaurant’s bookings.

Configure your booking alerts to suit your requirements

You can receive an email notification the moment a booking comes into the system – or receive emails to multiple different accounts to ensure everyone stays updated.

You can also enable late bookings which ensure if a booking comes in later than your predefined time you can get an email, SMS or even an automated voice phone call alerting you to the booking! This means if you’ve chosen to have same day bookings you can still stay in the loop without having to check the platform – and your team can stay aware ensuring they don’t get up a booked table to walk-ins!

Powerful notifications like these ensure you can accept bookings late into the day without having to worry – maximising your profit and improving your customer satisfaction.