Booking Form Overrides

If the recent pandemic has taught us in the hospitality industry anything it’s that we need to quickly adapt to being closed, and equally to an opening outside of our usual opening times. Even outside of global pandemics (which hopefully you’re reading this a point where the world has finally got a bit better!) there are times like Christmas, renovations and other reasons you might need to close.

With BookingNinja there isn’t any need to change your opening times and allow your self to forget to revert them because you can use the powerful opening overrides system.

With opening overrides you simply define the times, date or date range and if the venue is going to be open or closed during that span. Save – and done. Your override will now be defined and set your venue to its given state for that period, and that period only.

This opening override function is used by a lot of the people who use BookingNinja’s free booking system to define times such as when their venue has been privately booked out.

You can have as many overrides as you need – and the optimist in us feels you’ll be using it more for forcing your venue open!