Booking Form Limits & Controls

Sure a restaurant serves food and drink – but that is about the only thing that is certain in the hospitality industry. Every venue is set up different and every venue has its requirements – that’s why we’ve made BookingNinja be an incredibly flexible platform when it comes to defining your booking limits. Just some of the limits you can configure to your requirements are: 

Booking Interval

Want your booking slots to be hourly? Or maybe you want users to have finer control and have the booking slots every 5 minutes? With BookingNinja you can set the slots to be any figure you want! 

Bookings per Interval Slot

Need your bookings spread out to avoid clumping and overloading your kitchen? With BookingNinja you can spread your bookings out over your interval slots ensuring that you give your team the padding they need to provide great service. 

Turn Time 

Quick service venue? Great – set your turn time to a lower value and get more bookings into the system. A slow, refined experience? Maybe give your guests more spacing between bookings. With the turn time option you can precisely control the throughput your booking system will produce. 

Maximum & Minimum Booking Size

Don’t like massive bookings going through your online booking form? Want to avoid lone guests booking your venue up? With BookingNinja you are in complete control of how many guests can book – and you can even direct them to get in touch with you if they sit outside of your limits ensuring you don’t lose the valuable big group bookings. 

Of course, if all this is overwhelming the good news is we’ve already set up default values that suit most venues – and if you ever need help refining your booking system then even on our free booking platform we’ve got a team ready and dedicated to helping!